1 Step 2 Health Foundation

Changing lives 1 step at a time

Diane King Jackson This woman is an awesome woman of God and I've seen, first hand, the wonderful things that she is doing for our community. While going through extensive cancer treatment, she supported me emotionally and financially. I've watched her tirelessly prepare for nonprofit events to include feeding the homeless often using her own money. Thank Andrea Boozer for being courageous enough to solicit help. I respectfully ask the community to sow a seed in her efforts and expect a miracle in your own endeavors! · January 23 at 10:07pm

Finally home & headed to bed after enjoying a wonderful event with amazing testimonials that motivated not only early testing, but taking an active role in the treatment plan of ones health, celebrating the life of survivors & partying for a worthy cause. Kudos to Andrea S Boozer & 1 Step 2 Health! ❤️❤️❤️

 I was so moved by the stories that were shared and so thankful for the fellowship it was a wonderful night. Thank you God bless.

The speakers were amazing and Lonnie B gave me confirmation through his story that I must step out on faith and do what has been on my heart!!!!! 

Morris Cardiovascular & Risk Reduction Center July 13,2017

This is an amazing organization created to address the chronic diseases that faces our community like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and hypertension. They are gracious sponsors to our FitCamp, Nutrition, and our Medical Fitness Program. Because of their generosity, more people will realize their greatest health potential.