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About us:


1 Step 2 Health Foundation (“1S2HF”), is a nonprofit organization, gained nonprofit status in 2016 to combat hunger and health disparities in underserved communities in Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia. This is accomplished by working with community partners and volunteers to provide fresh produce and non-perishable food to low-income and underserved individuals and families, while being mindful of the correlation between hunger and health issues. 

The Healthy Bag program, one of 1S2HF’s primary initiatives, enables individuals facing food insecurities in these targeted areas increased access to nutritious foods and resources on making healthier nutritional and lifestyle choices through our community outreach events. These community outreach events are conducted monthly in various areas. Volunteers go into communities, and meet individuals where they are, to alleviate the transportation barrier typically faced by this population. 

Continued funding would allow us to purchase the materials needed to increase the quantity of bags and frequency of our efforts to twice a month, where our team of volunteers would visit an identified location and set-up stations to distribute our Healthy Bags.

In the past year 2,013 individuals have received a Healthy Bag, a care package and nutrition education monthly. continued funding  would allow us to expand this well needed service to bi-weekly and add one additional distribution site in these targeted areas. 

Each healthy bag contains nutritious items such as: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, snack and water. Resources on healthy living are communicated on-site through our volunteer nurses.

Our Mission Is dedicated to improving the life expectancy of Richmond, and Petersburg, Virginia from the ravages of preventable chronic diseases and food insecurity, through our hunger relief efforts, free health screenings, and community partnerships.

Changing Lives 1 Step at a Time

Vision: Healthier Lives, Healthier Families, Healthier Communities, and a Healthier World.

We are volunteered lead, and governed by 10 board of directors comprised of leaders with experience in medicine, health, fitness, nutrition, business, community leadership and nonprofit management.